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The No1 Tote Connector

One simple API enables connection to multiple totes

Pool betting is the only way to allow bettors to access betting on global horse racing products without risk to the operator. With pool betting integrated not only can customers bet on a wide variety of racing and other sports 24 hours a day, they also have access to a huge range of bets, offering a broad choice of betting options, as well as access to low stake opportunities with multi-million jackpots on a regular basis.

With OpenTote integrated you can begin to enjoy the benefits that pool betting can bring to your business.

  • Offer a comprehensive race betting service: Give your customers a wide choice of betting from all over the world with a range of great alternatives to the standard fixed odds bets.
  • No risk from new markets: Because you earn commission whether the player wins or loses, there is no risk in offering markets for which you have little or no trading experience or resource.
  • No limits on winnings: Big winners are welcomed by totes, and with huge payouts on multi-race bets, your customers can access exciting betting every day.
  • High stakes players welcome: As a risk free environment, your high stakes players can stake large amounts on races without fear of rejection, improving customer service and your bottom line.



OpenTote is the only truly global pool distribution network, giving your business the opportunity to bet into worldwide pari-mutuel pools. OpenTote offers thousands of betting opportunities through a single system. Our unique technology integrates betting from multiple vendors and pool operators, and the necessary supporting information into a single API, significantly reducing the cost and effort of offering pool products to your customers.

OpenTote has been designed to be quick and easy to integrate into your betting product, and we support you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process. Once connected, adding new product to your system couldn’t be quicker. We assist in helping you make agreement to access pools with our providers, discuss with you what bet types and data service you require, and turn it on without any extra programming. It really is that simple!

Once operational the revenue model is also very simple; Tote betting works as a common pool, where every player contributes to the prize fund, and those with winning tickets divide the prize fund between them proportionately. Profit from the bet comes as a deduction (also known as take out) from the total amount bet before prizes are calculated, which is shared between you and the rights holder or operator of the pool.

Not only does OpenTote provide a wide range of bet types easily and without risk, it also brings together the widest selection of racing from around the world. Working closely with the local pool operators we can offer horse, dog and football betting opportunities from many of the world’s top racing nations including UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA, South Africa, Dubai and many more.

We support a diverse range of products on each and every race, including:

  • Win and Place betting, forecast bets including Exacta (pick first 2), Trifecta (pick first 3) and Superfecta (pick first 4).
  • Novice friendly bets such as the Swinger (pick 2 from first 3)
  • High return bets such as the Pick 6 (six winners from 6 consecutive races) and the Scoop6 (Pick 6 winners from 6 premium UK races each week)
  • Bettor’s favourites’ such as the Placepot (Pick 6 horses to place in 6 consecutive races), where the bettor can win without even backing a winner. 


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