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OpenTote Merchant Request Form

This document Is for the internal use of i-neda Ltd and it’s prospective OpenTote merchants

The details within the document are only for the use of i-neda and the named organisation and outline the details of the API connection between i-neda and that merchant

OpenTote Merchant Request Form 

Merchant Details

The following sections need to be completed by the prospective merchant and detail how the merchant will connect to the OpenTote platform, and where they will host listening API for the OpenTote push API if required.

    Merchants Operational Contact

    Merchants System Administration Contact

    Products Required

    UK Tote

    Irish Tote

    Phumelela (SA Racing)

    US Tote

    UK Football Pools

    Required Request Currencies

    Merchant Push API Listening URL

    Merchant Source IP's For OpenTote API Requests

    Contact Us

    i-neda, The Hub, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire.  GU14 7JP. 01252 701010