Founded in 2004, i-neda has proved itself to be a world leader in provision of technology to the pari-mutuel and betting industry through a consistent track record of ambition, creativity and delivery. i-neda’s dedicated team with detailed knowledge of the racing wagering market and has applied this to our 4 core technologies, Online wager solutions, On course terminal solutions, OpenTote for Connectivity and MicroTote as the next generation Totalisator technology. 

Each technology can be utilised independently or combined to provide an end-to-end solution encompassing:

Call Centre Application 

On Course Terminal software for fixed and courier devices 

On Course Mobile Application  

Tote Bet Engine 

Opentote for international bet by bet connectivity 

Web and Mobile Wagering platforms 

What sets the i-neda product set apart from it’s competitors is our ability to easily and quickly customise our existing products to the needs of your business. Be it adding a new bet type with minimum turnaround, customising the website to your business brand and target market, or supporting your business policies and logic wherever you are in the world and whichever regulatory obligations you have, we have it covered with minimal fuss!

i-neda solutions are also successfully in use with Pool technology from AmTote, Sportech, United Tote, and our own Microtote. We are the only fully agnostic online system provider, which gives our customers a significant benefit in future proof investment and an ability to adapt to the fast-changing internet world along with the commercial needs of our client.


ADW System

Our ADW Systems deliver new and exciting ways for players to bet, new products to engage with and a user experience to rival any online system from any industry sector.

Open Tote

OpenTote is the only truly global pool distribution network, giving your business the opportunity to bet into worldwide pari-mutuel pools. OpenTote offers thousands of betting opportunities through a single system.


MicroTote is a fully completed Tote wagering engine, unlike other existing Pool wagering solutions, i-neda’s systems are built in a modular format, allowing the creation, addition and alteration of any new wagering requirement in significantly less time than normally accepted in the market.

 Client Testimonials 

  • “ I think you have a professional winning team, you have good and reliable technology, perfect production support, great business culture, great ability to deliver, excellent commitment to customer success” 

  • “When presented with a problem, a chance to enhance, improve…other companies we deal with say ‘why?’; i-neda say ‘why not?’”

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Our Clients 

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